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Body Massager

Full Version

This app is wonderful to massage your neck, hands, legs, shoulders and any other parts of body :-) New way of using your phone! With 37 different vibration modes and a possibility of building your own massage programs your body will feel the difference! Download now!

Uploaded: June 12, 2013


mobile app
IQ Perfect Body

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Your phone can tell you now how your body feels and what the optimal weight for your height is. You can ask your mobile phone if you're healthy and beautiful in the same time. It really knows the answer!

Uploaded: October 11, 2009


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V-Clinic Mobile

Full Version

Get your very own Personal Dietitian with V-Clinic Mobile. V-Clinic Mobile manages your nutrition, fitness and weight for you on your phone. If you want to have your nutrition analysed by a professional dietitian, V-Clinic Mobile lets you easily send your data to a personal online account where your ...

Uploaded: November 24, 2007


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Phone Vibrator

Full Version

Java app turning your phone into a VIBRATOR. Features • 25 basic vibration modes (slow, medium and fast) • 12 advanced modes (slowing down, speeding up and random) • make your own vibration modes • massage y ...

Uploaded: May 17, 2013


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AlcoTest is a software for BAC calculation. The BAC is the Blood Alcohol Concentration and is the concentration of alcohol in a person's blood. You can set the BAC legal limit for your country (in USA is 0.08 %) and choose between kilograms and pounds.

Uploaded: November 3, 2009


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Balance Your Life

Full Version

Software for the right balance. With "Balance Your Life" the user will playfully be able to get familiar with his own areas of life and easily realize how much attention and time he devotes to which areas. The game of your life.

Uploaded: July 13, 2010


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Brain Booster

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Brain Booster is a mobile application that can refresh your mind and give your brain a mental boost any time during the day.

Uploaded: November 8, 2010


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Temperature Tracker

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Keep a track of your temperature when you are sick. Use this useful app to analyze and maintain a healthy temperature level of your body.

Uploaded: April 1, 2011


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There are routine childhood immunisations for ten infectious diseases. This scheduler will help you to see when your baby will be offered immunisations, what they are for and how they are given. Choose your due date or birthdate and press Submit

Uploaded: October 5, 2009


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Tattoo yourself App

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The Ultimate Tattoo App! Ever wanted a tattoo but was too afraid to do? Now is your chance to take a picture of any part of your body and add a cool tattoo on it.

Uploaded: February 7, 2012


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