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Facebook on Blaast

Full Version

Easy and fun to use plus saves data cost when accessing Facebook and Facebook Messenger with Blaast!

Uploaded: September 20, 2013


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Ball Balancer 2

Full Version

Try your concentration with Ball Balancer 2. Hear you need to Balance the ball on different type of tray and finally drop the ball to the basket. Hey It is not that easy there are many type of try.

Uploaded: April 21, 2015


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Razzle Dazzle

Free Ad-supported

Be a make up artist and create new designs on models of your choice. You could also upload your picture or that of a friend. Apply makeup and share the results with your friends or upload the designs for others to view and vote.

Uploaded: October 25, 2011


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Rhyme Brain

Full Version

Your personal English assistant!!

Uploaded: September 24, 2013


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iDea Widgets

Full Version

Get more than 500 mobile widgets! GMail, Google Talk, ICQ, Astrollogy.com, Yahoo, Google Search, Facebook, Live Journal, MySpace, Youtube, Weather, the latest news and many other popular services. Also, you can easily create your own widgets.

Uploaded: September 21, 2009


mobile app

Full Version

Click-and-Drag to warp face of your friends or family. Take a photo or load a picture from SD card; Warp the face or image, save and email to your friends. The 15 auto warp feature (big head, fat face, etc) is only applicable once find a single face on your photo. Have Fun! You don't like it,your ki ...

Uploaded: February 23, 2010


mobile app
Crazy Xray

Full Version

Download the Crazy Xray application, pick up the movements of funny animations and show your friends how your phone can scan the bones of parts of their bodies.

Uploaded: November 12, 2012


mobile app
IQ Geography Quiz

Free Ad-supported

Find how much you know about the world and learn even more, some day it might help you. And when you think you know enough, you can challenge you friends to show them they still have more to learn.

Uploaded: October 5, 2009


mobile app

Free Trial/Demo

Wapalta is a Java-application for mobile phones. It works as a combination of mobile browser, messenger, content catalogue and reader. Wapalta is wonderful “all-in-one“ mobile application. Featured e-mail, ICQ, chat, forum, friends list & people search, social networking & messaging!.. Day after da ...

Uploaded: April 7, 2010


mobile app

In this version of Thirsty Crow, we have given a wicked twist at one of very famous kids’ story, where they learn hard work always win, by the end and the whole lesson has been changed. In this story we have introduced Thirsty crow- Its interesting story of a thirsty crow, how he collects stones and ...

Uploaded: October 3, 2012


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