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Most Popular Free Mobile Phone Software for Samsung SGH-F480i - Page 12

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E-5 Underground 3D

Full Version

Are you ready for a crazy race? The best drivers from all over the world are meeting in the street! All racers will compete fiercely to win the girl he loves.

Uploaded: December 12, 2012


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Townsmen 6

Full Version

Experience the setting of the French Revolution. Build up your own villages and economic cycles to lead the Townies to a victory over the king.

Uploaded: June 28, 2011


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Subcultures Fight

Full Version

Guys in this city try to find out who's cooler. Punks against lads, emos against rappers, geeks against football fans. Even anime girls fight against soldiers. Choose your enemy and beat him! Fight!

Uploaded: March 21, 2011


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Alberninho Football

Free Ad-supported

Alberninho Football is a realistic football game with features typical of console games. You can play in single matches or in tournament mode with 16 different teams with different skills. In-game commentary, replay feature, substitutions, make this game unique for mobile entertainment. During half ...

Uploaded: August 7, 2009


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Free Ad-supported

BattleShip Puzzle is a single player version logic game.

Uploaded: July 3, 2009


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Crazy Xray

Full Version

Download the Crazy Xray application, pick up the movements of funny animations and show your friends how your phone can scan the bones of parts of their bodies.

Uploaded: November 12, 2012


mobile app

Bluetooth Golden Eye SpyCam allows you to secretly take pictures using a mobile phone and send them instantly to another without the target knowing! Visit voodoocode.110mb.com for more information!

Uploaded: December 8, 2010


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Russian Fishing

Free Trial/Demo

A unique sim fishing game. Take your favorite pastime wherever you go!

Uploaded: July 20, 2011


mobile app

Full Version

Surf for FREE the mobile web using your phone's Bluetooth. It offers access to services like Facebook, ebuddy and Gmail!

Uploaded: December 15, 2011


mobile app
Crazy Frog Racer

Free Ad-supported

The frog is back! The Annoying Thing finally gets to star in his own mobile version of Wacky Races! Blast around racetracks as the Thing in this high-speed riot of a racer. Blast and bash your opponents, collect up many power ups and super speed boosts. Multiple game modes, online highscores and up ...

Uploaded: January 13, 2011


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