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Top Rated Free Mobile Phone Software for Sagem myC-4 - Page 29

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JavMotion turns your mobile into a security cam. The application uses your handheld's camera to take pictures for detecting motion and moving objects or persons(like unwanted intruders).

Uploaded: October 22, 2008


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PaderSyncFM is an all-in-one File Manager application for mobile devices such as Smartphones and PDAs. It contains an FTP, SFTP (SSH), SMB and WebDAV client. Use it to get the latest files from the file server at your office, or access shared folders on your home computer.

Uploaded: May 4, 2009


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Penguin Fever

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Inuk is a young Eskimo whose curiosity gets him in trouble, and it is up to you and your penguin friends to help him out! Use your wits, skill and penguins to help Inuk find his way home!

Uploaded: October 20, 2008


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Splash Bomb

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Splash Bomb is easy to play and very addictive logic game. You have to think in advance and plan most effective ways to pop every bubble in each level.

Uploaded: May 28, 2007


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Rediscover the legendary space shoot’em-up in a new version with stunning graphics! Maneuver your ship among the asteroids and demonstrate your skills by destroying them all!

Uploaded: October 6, 2008


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Chess Lite

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Chess is one of the best strategy games of all time. It has been entertaining millions of people throughout the world for centuries. Now you can enjoy it in its full richness on your mobile phone. This implementation of Chess features a Free Internet Chess Server (FICS) client that allows you to pla ...

Uploaded: September 17, 2008


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Hitori is an easy to learn addictive logic puzzle!

Uploaded: June 4, 2007


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Veggie Pack'em

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Load the Veggie Crates onto the truck by matching five or more in the pile. Veggie Pack'em is a puzzle type turn based game. Select a crate to move from one stack in the pile to another. You must move all the crates above it as well with it. If a stack in the pile gets too tall the top crate will fa ...

Uploaded: August 23, 2008


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Play the coolest Sudokus on your mobile phone and win prizes! Completely free. New prizes each month, see www.sudocontest.com.

Uploaded: January 31, 2007


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Mumbai Local is an Automated Mobile version of Railway Time table i.e Local Train Timetable for Western, Central and Harbour Railway Mumbai.

Uploaded: August 19, 2008


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