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The amazing logic game and memory training tool in one! Flip the face-down tiles of mosaic and remember the pattern on the face side; when you find two similar patterns – you score points. The magical graphics and traditional Oriental music bless this game with a mysterious charm.

Uploaded: August 16, 2011


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Meet new people using FREE, unlimited voice, video and photo chat. Make friends by participating in buzzing communities. Check out audio, video and photo galleries. Check profiles of your preferred sex.

Uploaded: February 11, 2011


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Bobby's Blocks

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Full-fledged playroom panic on your mobile phone! Help Bobby the Baby break free of an enchanted playroom by helping him roll wooden blocks through mind-boggling mazes and past tricky traps. Sixty levels offer a variety of wacky, fun challenges.

Uploaded: September 10, 2010


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Beauty Tips

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Beauty Tips will help you if you are bored of your looks. It can bring you the makeover you always desired for yourself. Just try the amazing Beauty Tips to look gorgeous every day!

Uploaded: April 4, 2012


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Weight Tracker

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Are you suffering with Over weight? Or are you depressed because of your low weight? You can manage your diet and weight with the help of this app.

Uploaded: June 13, 2012


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Log your weightlifting to improve and follow your progress. Choose among more than 80 exercises and make your own workout programs.

Uploaded: May 5, 2010


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Water Tracker

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Do you suffer with occasional De-hydration or low liquid levels in your body?

Uploaded: May 28, 2012


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Do you or any one you know suffer with Diabetes? Now record your glucose levels in your phone, for ready reference, whenever you need it.

Uploaded: December 21, 2012


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A game that test brain recognizing object ability. The goal is to clear all matching icons by connecting them with an eligible path.

Uploaded: December 4, 2009


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Anina Fashion Trivia

Full Version

ANINA FASHION TRIVIA brings reality into the virtual environment: real model, real designers, and real fashion. By bringing real-life fashion and technology together in an innovative mobile game, anina.net sharpens the fashion knowledge of any geek in the palm of their hand. ANINA FASHION TRIVIA is ...

Uploaded: December 3, 2009


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