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You are the leader of a small tribe in the dream the spirits tell you the path to victory. Now his fate is only in your hands! String up - challenging assignments, treacherous enemies and insurmountable obstacles are waiting for you ahead! Construct buildings, hunt to feed the army, attack and defen ...

Uploaded: September 9, 2011


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Enduro Champ

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Challenge yourself to take on the elements on your multi terrain dirt bike. Use your skill and endurance through three grueling levels across a rugged terrain, forest trail and finally through a snowed out trail to emerge winner.

Uploaded: April 8, 2011


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Daredevil racing comes to Africa, a land of untold beauty and wonder, where danger meets the dust at every turn, trick and table top. Score points for speed and complexity of each stunt to come on top. So take the trip to wild Africa for the ride of your life.

Uploaded: April 6, 2011


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Embrace your dark side in a bloodthirsty quest to become the most powerful vampire in history. In this thrilling FREE adventure, you'll wield legendary weapons and do brutal battle with 10,000s of online rivals. You can team up with your friends or take on blood-curdling creatures and venomous villa ...

Uploaded: April 22, 2014


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Revival Deluxe

Free Trial/Demo

The most ambitious scale turn-based strategy for mobile phones is coming back, with new graphics, new music, new adventures... and only the excellent gameplay remains the same!

Uploaded: July 19, 2011


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AOT 2 Reloaded

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***12 new WORLDS in this version*** What's new: -12 NEW WORLDs/Levels -Ted can go back. -Pressure sensitive jump. -Ted can now throw tomatos at enemies. -Ted can duck -more shooting enemies Adventure of Ted is back with new exciting adventure. Evil Domba has captured Ted's kid. You ha ...

Uploaded: October 25, 2012


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Diamond Popstar

Full Version

Make your own Popstar! You can earn money, fame and fans, buy jewelry, create records, make concerts and photo sessions!

Uploaded: September 7, 2012


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Finger Cutter

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Let your friends wonder how your phone can actually cut your finger and how your screen gets splattered with realistic blood patches! It is one amazing prank app!

Uploaded: May 28, 2012


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Full Version

Robot is crazy for coins but afraid of factory equipment. So help it collecting coins without damage.

Uploaded: March 28, 2012


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The war has begun. It's time to use your air-battling techniques. Keep your aim sharp & take down as many enemies as you can. Don't forget to submit your scores for global high score list & get your rank. Like us on Facebook: facebook.com/RenderedIdeas

Uploaded: February 22, 2012


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