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This app can READ YOUR MIND. Can't believe it, try it now. You have to think of a symbol & Mind scanner will show the symbol you have in your mind. Try it on your friends and see their reaction. :) Like us on Facebook: facebook.com/DreamGamez

Uploaded: April 24, 2012


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Hot Rod Hell

Full Version

Welcome to a garage full of classic cars that are only waiting to be won by you! Crack the slot machine’s jackpot and unlock magnificent vintage beauties!

Uploaded: August 17, 2011


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Command an elite unit of elves, knights, mages and dragons as an invading demonic army lays siege to your castle in Fantasy Kingdom Defense; a free-to-play, action-packed swords-and-sorcery tower defense game.

Uploaded: March 20, 2013


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Billy's Brain Academy

Free Trial/Demo

Billy’s Brain Academy is amazing puzzled game with 4 types of challenges.

Uploaded: October 23, 2013


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Hindu Calendar

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Hindu religion is famous for its fast and festivals observed by Hindus around the world. Now you can get complete details of Hindu Calendar in this app.

Uploaded: May 17, 2013


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Piano Player

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Who doesn't get mesemerised by the sound of a classic Piano? And how would you like if you could play such a beautiful sound while playing? It is possible, and you don't even need to be a maestro for that!

Uploaded: March 1, 2013


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Full Version

FREE, Unlimited Voice, Video and Photo Chat. Send FREE MMS and SMS. Make new friends. Login to Yahoo, GTalk, MSN, AOL and ICQ.

Uploaded: February 11, 2011


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Drum Beats

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Enticed by drummers around the world? Be one yourself now with Drums Beat app. Play the drum beats the way you want it, or just tap the numbers shown to create a new rhythm!

Uploaded: February 7, 2013


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Fin Jump

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Help this cute little creature, Fin, to go high & high in the sky! Help him to jump and get what he wants the most, or you may loose you life!

Uploaded: October 25, 2012


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Classic Indian music has always mesmerized the world. Be the maestro all by yourself with this Tabla app! Let the music begin its charm.

Uploaded: October 26, 2012


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