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Top Rated Free Mobile Phone Software for Nokia 5230 Nuron - Page 18

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Command an elite unit of elves, knights, mages and dragons as an invading demonic army lays siege to your castle in Fantasy Kingdom Defense; a free-to-play, action-packed swords-and-sorcery tower defense game.

Uploaded: March 20, 2013


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AOT 2 Reloaded

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***12 new WORLDS in this version*** What's new: -12 NEW WORLDs/Levels -Ted can go back. -Pressure sensitive jump. -Ted can now throw tomatos at enemies. -Ted can duck -more shooting enemies Adventure of Ted is back with new exciting adventure. Evil Domba has captured Ted's kid. You ha ...

Uploaded: October 25, 2012


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Finger Cutter

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Let your friends wonder how your phone can actually cut your finger and how your screen gets splattered with realistic blood patches! It is one amazing prank app!

Uploaded: May 28, 2012


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Qplaze Poker

Full Version

The history of poker goes back more than five hundred years. It fascinates the presidents and heads of corporations. The stakes in it are counted in millions, and the total number of players is approaching one billion. Get 50 000 chips as a gift. Play Qplaze Poker Online from your mobile phone ...

Uploaded: March 20, 2012


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Phone Smasher

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Shock and outrage your friends with this fun app! Fool them into thinking that you broke your phone in anger!

Uploaded: September 20, 2013


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Tattoo yourself App

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The Ultimate Tattoo App! Ever wanted a tattoo but was too afraid to do? Now is your chance to take a picture of any part of your body and add a cool tattoo on it.

Uploaded: February 7, 2012


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Only in KORa 3D Racing you can find online championship, bluetooth multiplayer, detailed 3D graphics, 5 hours long career, AI controlled opponents, downloadable track editor, touch-screen controls, motion controls and much, much more! DLC Road to Hell is included in this version!

Uploaded: May 17, 2013


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Classic Indian music has always mesmerized the world. Be the maestro all by yourself with this Tabla app! Let the music begin its charm.

Uploaded: October 26, 2012


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Memory game: Cities

Full Version

Play fun memory game with this family safe game. Match the city symbol cards to win the game and set a high-score on our online board.

Uploaded: September 7, 2012


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Natty Scientific Calculator is an original scientific calculator. Using an advance mathematical parser (JEP), it is able to calculate mathematical equations very accurately. Complex numbers can also be inserted and stored. It includes 2D graphing functions (y(x), polar, parametric). What makes ...

Uploaded: April 27, 2011


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