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Ozura Mobile

We are a leading international developer and publisher for mobile games and wireless entertainment. The company distributes games for mobile phones using Java, BREW or Symbian technology. Ozura game engine provides entertainment applications and technologies that support multiple wireless handsets, servicing wireless carriers, aggregators, mobile phone manufacturers, media companies and content developers worldwide. We have developed an array of original games for wireless entertainment from simple puzzle games to complex role playing games. Our team of engineers, developers and designers are passionate about delivering the best wireless gaming experience through constant innovation and stringent quality assurance.

We are actively carrying out research and development of new technologies, quality visuals and creative game play to enhance the mobile gaming experience. One of our technological breakthroughs of our research & development has Funlogix, our community based game engine.

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Spring is finally here! The bees in Honeyland are all busy collecting honey from freshly-bloomed flowers including Beelly, who received his first order from Her Majesty the Queen Bee of Honeyland. Guide Beelly back to the hive by following the flowery path and collecting all the nectar possible.

Uploaded: October 15, 2006

Downloads: 4,044

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Breakout features a classic action game which will keep your hands glued to your mobile phone! Your patience will serve you well in excelling this game as you clear layers of bricks by bouncing a ball around with a slider. At the same time, you have to make sure you don’t let the ball slip past you. ...

Uploaded: October 25, 2006

Downloads: 12,350

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Monkey King

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Join the wild adventures of Monkey King and his companions in this role-playing rendition of the Chinese legend of the Monkey God. Monkey King, the first instalment of the Monkey King Series will take you on a journey to battle the notorious Ba Xie and to the final, bloody confrontation with the leg ...

Uploaded: October 11, 2006

Downloads: 32,112

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Chinese New Year is around the corner and the God of Prosperity has blessed you with a chance to get rich quick! Struck with disbelief, you find out that sure enough, it's raining gold! Brace yourself and catch all the gold you can. But beware, the God of Prosperity will not take kindly to carelessn ...

Uploaded: October 26, 2006

Downloads: 5,233

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In the year 2099, Earth's outerspace confederate has discovered a black hole leading into another dimension. Exploring into the unknown, earth's deep space vessels discovered hostile alien lifeforms; a threat to humanity. Your mission is to eradicate any alien ships in the area. Show no mercy.

Uploaded: November 1, 2006

Downloads: 7,386

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