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We are a leading international developer and publisher for mobile games and wireless entertainment. The company distributes games for mobile phones using Java, BREW or Symbian technology. Ozura game engine provides entertainment applications and technologies that support multiple wireless handsets, servicing wireless carriers, aggregators, mobile phone manufacturers, media companies and content developers worldwide. We have developed an array of original games for wireless entertainment from simple puzzle games to complex role playing games. Our team of engineers, developers and designers are passionate about delivering the best wireless gaming experience through constant innovation and stringent quality assurance.

We are actively carrying out research and development of new technologies, quality visuals and creative game play to enhance the mobile gaming experience. One of our technological breakthroughs of our research & development has Funlogix, our community based game engine.

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Legend has it of an ancient relic hidden deep in the mountainous region of Azgol barred by the enduring bejeweled Gate of Time. It is believed that the passage into Azgol is guaranteed by solving the puzzle of jewels on the gate. Connect four jewels in a row either horizontally, vertically or di ...

Uploaded: October 25, 2006

Downloads: 11,282

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Wild West

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Bang! Your whole life flashes before your very own eyes, and light fades into darkness….. You wish you’d been quicker with the trigger as you fall to the ground with a resounding thud, and then you wake up from your nightmare. You then remember you are Sheriff Colt Hudson, sworn to uphold the law an ...

Uploaded: November 2, 2006

Downloads: 11,259

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Sexy Mahjong

Free Trial/Demo

This game requires the player to clear all cards. Match sets of cards together to clear them from the board. You'll be able to choose one of five girls to play the game with you but at the beginning, only one is unlocked for you and the other four will depends on your skill to complete a game to unl ...

Uploaded: October 12, 2006

Downloads: 54,264

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The year is 3020. Two powers battle for control over the universe. The Draconians, a threatening force of power hungry terrorists have recently amassed enough power and arsenal. You stand by the Peace Federation and have been given orders to dispose of the Draconian presence in Sector 2051. Take ...

Uploaded: November 3, 2006

Downloads: 23,536

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Desert Rider

Free Trial/Demo

In a world without laws, only the strong survive. On Vontara, a lawless place which outlaws call home, every fight is settled on the road. It is a world where chaos and violence rule supreme. It is the future, where civilizations become deserts and roads become dueling grounds. With outlaws and ...

Uploaded: October 11, 2006

Downloads: 89,624

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Ultimate Sudoku

Free Trial/Demo

Enter the logical world of Sudoku. With three different game modes, this mobile version of the popular logic-based placement puzzle will be sure to tease your brain! Try out classical mode for the typical Sudoku style of game play! Combine logic and math in Mathdoku or test your skills in the Sudoku ...

Uploaded: October 17, 2006

Downloads: 13,994

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Slip into your bowling shoes for a good game of Strike 'Em. Aim 'em, spin 'em, swing 'em and strike 'em in this rendition of bowling brought to you by Ozura. Practice your angle and spin. Power up your swing and speed. Rack up the scoreboard with a turkey or four-bagger and watch your gutterballs!

Uploaded: October 19, 2006

Downloads: 21,710

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Free Trial/Demo

It's time to go to war in this military version of the card game, Cho Dai Dee! Blast your enemies to smithereens by defeating them in this game brought to you by Ozura!

Uploaded: October 22, 2006

Downloads: 10,923

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Free Trial/Demo

Mr. Smith, the farmer and his family are away and the farm animals are all out to play! Beat the other animals in this card game of Cho Dai Dee and show them who deserves to be on top of the food chain! This cute talking-animal version is sure to please enthusiasts of the card game!

Uploaded: October 18, 2006

Downloads: 9,408

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Free Trial/Demo

It’s Easter and you’ll need as many eggs as you can get your hands on from your little house of chickens at the back! Grab a basket and collect all you can without missing and breaking eggs. Of course, nobody likes droppings, so avoid from getting them into the basket too!

Uploaded: October 26, 2006

Downloads: 9,042

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