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spyBlue is a bluetooth device scanner. With spyBlue you can discover and save the mobiles of your friends allowing you to detect them when are near you in places like pubs and discos. spyBlue has three functions: Single scan, performs a single discovering. AutoScan, searches devices until you stop ...

Uploaded: October 24, 2009

Downloads: 164,897

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If you believe in horoscope then this FREE application is for you. Every day a different horoscope for you. Will you find the Love? Will you get promotion? What about Money and Health?

Uploaded: September 14, 2009

Downloads: 57,241

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Bingo allows you to play Bingo game on your mobile phone. You can draw numbers, check the main scoreboard, receive advices when you win. You can also resume your games.

Uploaded: November 18, 2009

Downloads: 26,493

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AlcoTest is a software for BAC calculation. The BAC is the Blood Alcohol Concentration and is the concentration of alcohol in a person's blood. You can set the BAC legal limit for your country (in USA is 0.08 %) and choose between kilograms and pounds.

Uploaded: November 3, 2009

Downloads: 39,175

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With MobiPoker you will play poker on your mobile phone. This java mobile game let you win with Pair, Two kind of pair, Three kind of pair, Straight, Flush, Full of House, Four of a kind, Straight Flush and Royal Flush.

Uploaded: November 2, 2009

Downloads: 45,856

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Spytooth is a Java application for mobile phones which allows you to explore and save every bluetooth device around you (mobiles, cars, notebook...). Spytooth tells you also the date (hours,minutes,day,month and year) when the bluetooth device has been discovered.

Uploaded: March 12, 2010

Downloads: 60,009

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myCocktail is a java application with detailed information about 66 famous cocktails (IBA and some non IBA cocktail), classified in Alcoholic, Low Alcoholic and Non Alcoholic drinks. You can also search a drink by name or by basic liqueur

Uploaded: November 1, 2009

Downloads: 26,229

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