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Provided By: iq-tainment
Category: Puzzle, Strategy, Casual
Platform: Java
Downloads: 87,209

Connect2Win is a strategy game of simple rules (“connect your corners to win”) but still features deep strategy and fascinating gameplay. It includes high-quality graphics and cool retro-sounds. Choose one of 20 different levels and find out if you can beat the artificial intelligence (AI).

These are rules:

1. The players take turns connecting two circles of their own color.
2. The goal of this game is to connect the opposing corners of your own color.

To download Connect2Win directly to your phone, use your mobile phone browser to go to GETFREE.CC and enter this download code: 9814. If you want to download it to your PC, click on "Download" above. You will then have to select your mobile phone (if you haven't already done so). Afterwards you need to come back to the download page, and then you can you can download the installation file.

The game belongs to the class of connection games. Above you can watch an animation of four games that I played against the artificial intelligence. A big "Thank You" goes to Hannes Orange for designing the sound effects.

User Reviews of Connect2Win

9.4 - October 8, 2011 - KEKE from ST. LOUIS, UNITED STATES using Samsung SPH-M350

8.6 - June 18, 2011 - SUSIE from CORONA,UNITED STATES using Samsung SPH-M350

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