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Climbing Hero

Provided By: Game Neeti Technology Pvt Ltd
Category: Action
Platform: Java
Downloads: 814

Let’s celebrate love and affection on this Valentine season with an action
packed game Climbing Hero. Your beloved is waiting for you at the top of the
mountain and her bodyguards are there to stop you. You have no choice other
than climbing the hard rock mountain; let’s begin climbing to meet your love.
Start your journey from the ground level. Go through all the stages and face
each hurdle to reach at the top of the world to meet your love. To make your
journey possible, use the power-ups that can increase your immunity, strength
and height. Climb up before energy level drops to zero. Avoid hurdles like
falling flower pots and wood logs and snake as they can possibly end your
life. Game has two meters, health and height. Health meter will show you how
much life is remaining and height meter will show you how much far you are
from your love. So enjoy our game this valentine.

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