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Provided By: smallfrymobile
Category: Arcade, Puzzle
Platform: Java
Downloads: 157,652

Rating: 8.3

Brik-Link is an addictive block puzzle game. You must connect the openings on the left and right of the screen by rotating and placing blocks so that their pipes line up. When you complete a connection, the heart bar will drop. Deplete the heart bar completely to finish the level. The more blocks you use in each route, the more points you will get, be warned though that whenever the timer runs out rogue blocks will fall!

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User Reviews of Brik-Link

9 - December 29, 2012 - Viresh using _Generic Java MIDP 1.0
Vrey good

7.4 - November 6, 2011 - JAGAN from INDIA using Nokia 2690

8.6 - October 24, 2011 - SYLVAIN from LOUISEVILLE,CANADA using Samsung SCH-U440

9.2 - July 18, 2011 - Cierra from Richmond, USA using LG LG620g
I'm addicted to this game.

7.6 - January 24, 2011 - Hev from Kook using LG KS365

9.8 - November 4, 2010 - coki from barcelona, spain using RIM BlackBerry 9000 Bold

6.4 - September 7, 2010 - DENISE from NELSON LANCASHIRE using Nokia 6301

8.6 - June 27, 2010 - JACKIE from NAPLES USA using Samsung SCP-588

7.4 - May 9, 2010 - Lurline from Far rockaway, nmw using Samsung SGH-T229
Cool game

7.2 - March 26, 2010 - Mar from Colorado spring, colorado using Samsung SGH-A877 Impression

8.2 - March 24, 2010 - Mary from Tucson using Sanyo SCP-2700

7.8 - March 24, 2010 - sasi from kochi, india using Samsung GT-C5212

9 - March 22, 2010 - Chase from Dacula ga using Samsung SGH-A877 Impression

5.4 - March 10, 2010 - Argene from Philippines using Nokia 2760
very funny

8 - March 7, 2010 - MIKI from NAGA PHILIPPINES using Nokia 7210 SuperNova

9 - March 2, 2010 - anmoldon from kota,india using HTC P3400

9.8 - February 23, 2010 - amy from brooklyn using Samsung 707sc

8.8 - January 25, 2010 - janel from mexico using RIM BlackBerry 8310 Curve
i get difficult time understanding the game, but ones i get the idea it were excelent!! i have to buy it!!

6.8 - January 9, 2010 - SANDRA using Samsung GT-S3650 Corby

8.4 - August 14, 2009 - ziggy from anaheim, CA using ZTE C79

9 - July 18, 2009 - u know me from florida,USA using RIM BlackBerry 8350i
GREAT game! on my bb8350i track ball worked well great gameplay!

8.2 - May 28, 2009 - Michał from Poland using Samsung SGH-F480

7.4 - August 8, 2007 - andy from cleveland using Nokia 2126
its way too slow.
i'm a veteran tetris player, and i would love to play this, but even when i'm
holding down the blocks just fall so slowly. great game besides that.

9.8 - July 8, 2007 - kashif from pakistan using LG KG200

10 - February 25, 2007 - helena from germany using SonyEricsson W850i
great game!

10 - December 21, 2006 - carlos Mayta from la oroya using Siemens C72
good game

7.2 - November 14, 2006 - Richard from Victoria using Nokia 6620
<img src="http://www.mobilerated.com/scripts/image.php?x=128&y=128&id=4096" align="right" />Brik-Link is an innovative cross between pipe connection games and tetris. You have falling blocks containing pipes in various configurations and, like in tetris, you rotate the blocks to best fit your puzzle. In this case, you need to match up the pipe connectors to form at least one continuous path between the left and right sides. Doing so earns you points (the bigger the pipe maze, the more points), with enough points earning you advance to the next level.

There are a few innovations as well. Some blocks have no pipe connectors and must be placed where they do the least damage. Every so often, extra blocks will drop that you cannot control, playing havoc with your carefully configured pipes, forcing you to develop new routes.

This is a demo version of the game showcasing the first two levels only. It is enough to whet your appetite, and thus I rank the fun factor quick high. I'd like to play more, so as a demo, it has done its job. Graphics are solid. The downside is a lack of any sound. For some this might even be a blessing, but I find sound adds exciting and interest to a game of this sort.

7.8 - November 2, 2006 - Adam from Canada using Samsung SPH-A920
Connect a pipe from the left side to the right using the falling bricks.

Cool idea, and works fairly well.

Controls work perfectly, though I don't see any labels for my soft-keys. Up-down-left-right move the bricks, fire rotates.

Online score tracking is always a nice feature.

If you stack your bricks up near the top, it becomes impossible to move your block passed a tall tower of bricks, since your brick starts entirely in the play area, instead of above it like in tetris. I would also like some kind of instant-drop, like in tetris. Seems a little slow, even when holding down.

I like the graphics a lot, they are clear, colorful and there is a nice chain-reaction of explosions when you complete the pipe.

9.2 - October 19, 2006 - mark quant from hungary using Nokia 6620
almost like tetris and pipedream put together. what an interesting idea.

8.2 - October 6, 2006 - colin from Sydney using Nokia 6620
No Sound? very fun game anyways.

8.6 - October 5, 2006 - George from London, UK using Nokia 6620
Good Game.

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