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Battleship (touch enabled)

Provided By: wapfrog.com
Category: Action, Puzzle, Strategy
Platform: Java
Downloads: 779,005

Rating: 8.4

The game Battleship is a guessing game played by two. It was played as a pencil and paper game even before World War I. The aim of the game is to sink your opponent ships before your ships are sunk. The one who sinks all opponents ships wins the game.

At first you will need to place your ships on the board or accept the initial random order. Once ships are in place, each player will attack on any available coordinate trying to locate opponent ships. Upon successful hit the player have another turn and once missed, the turn changes.

Battleship is a freeware, and it requires a free registration after playing the game four times (free registration at no cost from wapfrog.com). You can choose to register the game from wapfrog.com website or directly from your mobile phone which might require some mobile communication fees according to your mobile internet package.

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User Reviews of Battleship (touch enabled)

10 - October 6, 2012 - nigel from china using Samsung GT-C3312
nice game

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