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Baboon's Sudoku

Provided By: JollyBaboon.com
Category: Puzzle
Platform: Java
Downloads: 17,387

Baboon`s Sudoku is an easy to use and play Sudoku puzzle game. The game works in any J2ME compliant device and it is fun and free. You can extend the free game by getting more puzzles from JollyBaboon.com puzzle store. More information from <A HREF="http://www.jollybaboon.com/">www.jollybaboon.com</A>.

User Reviews of Baboon's Sudoku

8.4 - March 12, 2010 - bianca from miami, usa using Nokia 6620

10 - January 18, 2007 - Massimiliano using LG U890

7.6 - November 14, 2006 - Richard from Victoria using Nokia 6620
<img src="http://www.mobilerated.com/scripts/image.php?x=128&y=128&id=4949" align="right" />Sudoku is a fantastic game for the mobile phone environment, and this version gets almost everything right.

This is a demo game with 8 puzzles and 4 difficulty ratings: easy, medium, hard, and master. The game comes with a few easy, medium, and hard puzzles. The premise is that you try out the game then buy more puzzles from the company. The puzzles appear slightly better than some of the other sudoku implementations, with less obvious patterns and are harder to solve.

The game has several options but is missing one I find key - telling you when you make an obvious mistake (like, two 8s in one column). There is a way to check for errors, and you can remove all errors and continue. Some people might prefer this method, however, as it is a matter of taste.

There is no sound, which is too bad, but it doesn't make much difference. Gameplay on my Nokia required two keypresses every time I inserted a number. Not a big deal, but every other version of sudoku I've tried requires only one, and it is a trifle annoying.

The purchased puzzles are a bit expensive, but with the quality of the puzzles, perhaps they are worth it. Recommended for hard core sudoku fans.

7 - November 3, 2006 - Adam from London, Canada using Samsung SPH-A920
Fully functional Sudoku.

Gameplay: The game works fine on my Samsung A920(176x220), but doesn't work at all on my Sanyo SCP-2300 (128x96). Click a grid square, press a number.

Graphics: It's sudoku, so you can't really expect much from the graphics. The numbers are easy to read.

Sound: No sound. Don't really need it anyway.

Features: Has the features that you'd expect from all video-game sudoku's. Show errors, reset, undo.

Fun: It's sudoku. Love it or hate it.

Gripes: Only has a few levels. The 'buy' option just produced a 404 error on my phone. Not that I would actually pay money for sudoku boards though. I'll treat this like a shareware version, since you have to BUY more levels after the first few.

10 - October 29, 2006 - kenny from Singapore using Nokia 7610
hopefully have more free game downloads

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