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Aman's Rush Hour

Provided By: HOVR
Category: Sports
Platform: Java
Downloads: 34,845

Aman is a skate boy, skating is all his life. In order to get him a stylish new skateboard, Aman needs to make some money. Eventually he gets a job in BurgerWin, a take-away food restaurant. Things are not that easy! Aman should be faster than Jack who works in Foodfast across the street, to get money from the customers. What's more, you should be careful! Mr.Jackson's dog stares at the pizza in your hand every day. To save time, you always choose to go through the subway as the short-cut. You are lucky last time, but what about this time? Cop is smart and it may hides somewhere waiting for you to come! The phone is ringing, your boss hand the burger to you…

* Easy to pick up.
* Operate easily.
* Varied jump action.
* Varied experience at each level.
* 3 varied colorful scene.

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