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Game Reviews by Other Alcatel One Touch 800a Owners

10 - X-Ray Scanner hilario from compton los angeles - January 21, 2011

9.8 - Zombie Buster sammy from usa , az - June 6, 2010


8.4 - Opposite Lock bassplash - March 13, 2010

10 - Zelda Lindosa from Davenport, united states - February 7, 2010

The game was so cute. I cant wait till the full version comes out. And to use the b button you have to go under the settings and go to controls and click on the b button then hit a new button you want to use for it. Also im having trouble on the dungeon where at the end there is something invisible hitting you. Cant seem to figure out how to kill it. Help please and thank you.

7.4 - Xmas Candy Barbie from Greatbend - December 13, 2009

9.2 - "spyBlue" Casey from Cascade IA - November 28, 2009

7.2 - Mermaid Poker Josalyn from USA - November 26, 2009

7 - Solytare brittney from burlington usa - November 23, 2009

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