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Game Reviews by Other Alcatel One Touch 708 Owners

3.2 - Body Massager Jude from England norwich - July 19, 2012

Really expensive!

8.8 - Zulux Parinaz from Tehran iran - June 15, 2012

7.4 - IQ Scream cameron from bedford - April 21, 2010

not very scary

6.6 - Classic Solitaire debbie from kirkcaldy - March 1, 2010

7.4 - "Attack Breaker Pro" FuzzFuzz from Russia - October 17, 2009

I can't play this game on a touch screen! Please do something! :`( But I tried it earlier on a SE W200 and it was SO AWESOME! I played it every day until I ran out of money for GPRS traffic and broke my screen.

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