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Rabbit Guess [ads]
Racing car pairs game [free]
Rail Track 2 [free] - New!
Raupe ab! [ads]
RedRoom [free]
Roadblock [free]
RoboDEF [free]
RockeTalk [free]
RockeTalk [free]
Roulette [ads]
RoundaboutX [ads]
Rubix Redux [free]
RUSK [ads]


SameColors [trial]
Sameness [free]
Save The Army [free]
Shoot The Dart [free] - New!
Sideralis [free]
SimEtris [free]
Simon [free]
Sinfah's Lair [free]
Skaters Boy [free] - New!
Slide To Survive [free] - New!
Slots [ads]
SMSTrainer [free]
Snake Classic [free] - New!
Snake Evolution [free]
SolitaireChess [ads]
Solytare [free]
Space Ballistics [free]
Space Cowboy [free]
Spanish pairs memory game [free]
Squarventure [trial]
St. Patrick's slot machine [free]
Street Rush [free]
Submarine Attack [free] - New!
SudoContest [ads]
Sudoku [free]
Sudoku [ads]
Super Drift 2 [free] - New!


Tactics [free]
Talking Tom Slides [free]
Tankzors [free]
Tetrix [ads]
TicTacToe [free]
Tic Tac Toe Classic [free] - New!
Tobitris [free]
Treasure Digger [trial]
Truck Parking [free] - New!


Verticaline [free]
Vuvuzela [ads]


Wapfrog Pong [free]
Wolf5k [ads]
Word Search 2 [free]


Xing Digger [ads]
X-ray Scanner [free] - New!