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3DMGolf World Tour

Provided By: Xendex
Category: Sports, Racing
Platform: Java
Downloads: 161,404

Fore! Get the hole-in-one

Fore! Get ready to test your mini golf skills around the world to see just how many hole-in-ones, pars, or birdies you can get. Play the best casual sports game now with amazing 3D graphics. Test yourself in 5 courses and 45 interesting tracks with amazing replay value. Mini golf has gone where no one has gone before with amazing terrains like City, Beach, Forest, Desert and Iceland.

• Travel around the world and play minigolf on different stunning terrains like City, Beach, Forest, Desert and Iceland
• Immerse yourself in 45 exciting tracks
• Choose between two different characters: David & Trish
• Realistic Mini Golf physics
• Challenging tracks with obstacles such as Bumpers, Spring Boards, Magnets, Fans, etc.
• Relaxing and real music to help you visualize the sinking that ball in one shot

Use 4 and 6 to aim left and right.
Press 5 to build up power and release the button to hit the ball.
Press 0 to change the camera angle. Press 0 again to switch between camera angles.
Press 2 and 8 to zoom to the track and 0 to switch between cameras.
Press the indicated soft key below the arrow in the bottom right corner of the screen in order to pause the game.

User Reviews of 3DMGolf World Tour

8.6 - July 12, 2012 - MUNJAL from RAJKOT using Samsung GT-S5620

7.6 - October 31, 2011 - EDEM from ACCRA, GHANA using LG KP500

9.8 - August 22, 2011 - HM from NL using LG GW300

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